/b/tard iOS roadmap

On 18 February, 2012 by Eric

For those who still have missing boards, please restart the app.


  • *Go to home screen
  • *Double click home button to bring up multitasking
  • *HOLD the /b/tard icon
  • *Hit X
  • *Launch /b/tard



A premium version of /b/tard will be making it’s way but I think it will take about a month. I really want to make it worth your while. I can’t promise EVERYTHING in the first paid version but it should be close.


  • *No ads (of course)
  • *Fully fledged reply mode (with an image picker)
  • *Full iPad support with HiRes mode (load all image thumbnails initially and then start loading HiRes ones from there for images that aren’t outrageously huge, eventually user selectable but will have to wait and see)


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