Pork ‘n’ Bunny in Asia

On 29 March, 2012 by bunny

Pork 'n' Bunny in Melaka with Mr Universe!

It’s been a long time since we’ve blogged but here’s what’s been happening in the Pork ‘n’ Bunny world!


Since last Friday we’ve been in Singapore and Melaka travelling.  It’s been great so far and we’re very happy!  We’re working on the road for the first time and so far it hasn’t been so difficult to find good and affordable accommodation with wifi.


Along the way we meet up with other travellers from couchsurfing.org and we found a lot of long-term travellers are using their savings to fund their trip and when that runs low they go back to their hometown and find work and start again.  It works for some but it’s something we hopefully won’t end up doing!


We want to be able to work, rest and play whenever and wherever we want and I’m sure some of you similar lifestyle.  We’re lucky financial stability has finally come our way so far and hopefully we’ll be able to expand that and make people lives better.


We would love to meet others who are also in this position whether you are a developer or blogger it’d be interesting to hear your story (and would be even better if we could meet up!).


This Friday we are going to be at Windows 8 convention in Singapore.

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