/b/tard Updates – iOS and Android

On 31 March, 2012 by bunny

Btard iOS new update now available.

Btard Android new update download from here http://btard.porknbunny.com/apks/btard20.apk <– Send it to your friends, post it on your website/blog whatever you can to spread the word to keep our Android btard running! (otherwise.. it’ll be gone forever…….)


Thank you for your patience!

2 Responses to “/b/tard Updates – iOS and Android”

  • Damn, this was the most used app on my phone and was gone. Good that there is this backup. I had to uninstall it trying to fix the images and then realised the app was missing from Google Play :).
    I hope you can fix the images so everything could go back to normal.
    I love you guys.

    • Hey chris!
      That’s good to hear. Ah actually the new link is on this post.. It should be fine now ^_^/

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