/b/tard pulled from AppStore – DO NOT UNINSTALL

On 21 June, 2012 by bunny

Hi guys!
Just to let you know Apple has taken /b/tard off the AppStore…….. so please don’t delete /b/tard or else you can’t get it anymore.

If you have version 1.4 and above, you can still use the app as 4chan changes because we have middleware that can be updated 🙂




5 Responses to “/b/tard pulled from AppStore – DO NOT UNINSTALL”

  • So I can never get it because I deleted it a while back?

  • Why are they all neing taken down ? The app was so nice it doesnt make sense when good apps are taken down and pointless apps remain.

  • They don’t like to be associated with 4chan apparently. Oh and Diego.. why did you delete it in the first place? tsk tsk 😛

  • Lets say I did delete the new version but was able to restore v1.2 am I able to update it some how or am I done?

    • I’m afraid, as far as we know, you can only get an update from App Store unfortunately. :-S

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