On 29 June, 2012 by bunny
Appraisr on iPadWe helped our friends design & develop Appraisr.  “Appraisr is an innovative data collation app for Real Estate professionals. Purpose built for the Australian Real Estate market, Appraisr replaces the need for hard copy proforma information sheets when assessing a potential sales listing.Designed with the user in mind, it enables a sales person to intuitively populate property information with ease using just your fingertips. The user has the ability to build a property from the ground up, room by room, while selecting from a comprehensive list of features and finishes. By eliminating the need for laborious manual scribing, you will have an enhanced interaction with your client, a critical advantage for any listing agent.Previous appraisals are catalogued for easy future reference, retaining all property and client information.
An inbuilt export to document function has been integrated to assist with your agencies record keeping policies.”

No Longer Avaliable



Create and appraisal form   Input rooms   Fill in room details

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